Is "Narcissistic Abuse" a useful term?

‘Narcissistic abuse’ as a term is extremely stigmatizing to people with NPD while its utility to survivors seems limited.

July 10, 2021 · 

No True Dragon (非眞龍)

The dragon that can be penned in is no true dragon.

Wind Blows Through the Bamboo Sparse (風來疎竹)

Though wind blows through the bamboo sparse / When it has passed the wood does not the sound retain.

How I Got into Emacs

The true gift of Emacs may be the ability to make it your own in every sense.

Troubleshooting "Unmanaged Device" Network Connection Error

Here’s how I solved it when there was an unmanaged device error with NetworkManager and systemd.

Mu4e Error in Process Sentinel: Mu Server Process Ended with Exit 1

Shutting down mu server turned out to be effective when mu4e wouldn’t start.

Honking Osprey (關雎)

The honking osprey rests upon / The islands of the River great / The lady of good bearing is / The man of virtue’s perfect mate.

The Feminist Pansori

Pansori, a musical form born in openly misogynistic 17th-century Korea, recognizes and celebrates the humanity and worth of women in culturally and historically specific ways.

No, Andrew Lee Is Not the "Crown Prince of Korea" (there is someone who comes close, though)

The Korean-American businessman Andrew Lee is not the Crown Prince of Korea. The last Crown Prince of Korea has a living heir, though.

My Simple Directory Backup with a systemd Timer

How I set up a systemd timer for regular automated backups of selected directories.