Delightful Spring Night Rain

It trails the wind, comes stealing in at night / Bedews all things with thin and soundless threads.

We Part as Friends

When on this ground we once do say farewell, / Alone, far-flung, we’ll tread a thousand miles.

Crystal stream from verdant mount

Translation of a famous sijo from Chosun-era poet Hwang Jinyi

Writing year in review: My 2022 writing habit on Emacs

What is most meaningful to me about my writing habit is that the dream of writing this story is no longer a dream, but my waking reality.

Object storage on Mastodon with a Backblaze B2 bucket

Here’s how I set up a Backblaze B2 bucket with a local proxy for Mastodon object storage.

How NaNoWriMo Broke me, and What I Learned from the Experience

I crashed and burned on overachieving NaNoWriMo, but learned some valuable lessons from the experience.

The Ballad of Mulan

The long, grim cloak of war do I cast off / The skirt of girlhood I put on with love.

The Heroine of the Game Carto Is Nonspeaking (and It's Totally Cool)

The heroine of the indie game Carto is a nonspeaking girl, and it’s neither tragic nor remarkable.

Resolving Arch Linux 404 and Dependency Errors

Update the package database and manually resolve dependencies.

Laughing Alone (獨笑)

This is but how the world goes all the time / Alone I laugh, and none do understand!