I’m L.J., a translator (Korean and English), researcher, and academic/educational writer by trade. Happily partnered with a fellow nerd, ADHD mom of an adorable and spirited autistic child. I have varied interests including history, specifically the ancient history of Northeast Asia, writing historical fiction esp. about women and queer people in that area, translation, technology (specifically Linux and Emacs), the Korean musical form pansori, political economy, roleplaying games, and more.


If you want to talk to me about something on this blog or send other inquiries, you can send an email to lj at the url of this site.

Social media

I’m ljwrites at rage.love, a Mastodon instance. I also have a writing alt at an instance I run.

Older blogs

Here are some of my older web presences, on hiatus/archival for the most part:

Dreamwidth - Personal essays and observations, fannish stuff especially Avatar: The Last Airbender and a few Star Wars essays ported over from Tumblr.

Tumblr - Mostly a fannish blog. I was big into the Star Wars sequel trilogy at this point.


Fanfiction.net - Where most of my fanfic lives. Avatar: The Last Airbender, Inuyasha, even a Disney’s Brother Bear fanfic. I also had a Final Fantasy VIII phase.

Archive of Our Own - I guess this is the cool thing now? There are Star Wars fics on this account that aren’t on ffn, plus some fandom exchange stuff. A couple of historical short stories, too.


YouTube - I have a tiny channel where I upload the occasional fanvid or lyrics translation video.