Crystal stream from verdant mount

Translation of a famous sijo from Chosun-era poet Hwang Jinyi

Laughing Alone (獨笑)

This is but how the world goes all the time / Alone I laugh, and none do understand!

The Feminist Pansori

Pansori, a musical form born in openly misogynistic 17th-century Korea, recognizes and celebrates the humanity and worth of women in culturally and historically specific ways.

No, Andrew Lee Is Not the "Crown Prince of Korea" (there is someone who comes close, though)

The Korean-American businessman Andrew Lee is not the Crown Prince of Korea. The last Crown Prince of Korea has a living heir, though.

On Gardening (種花)

開落摠愁人 未識種花 In bloom and fade I worry all the same; My heart does but the garden’s joys evade.