The Dragon's Son Defeats the God of Plague

Before Koreans knew smallpox as a virus, we knew her as a god.

Delightful Spring Night Rain

It trails the wind, comes stealing in at night / Bedews all things with thin and soundless threads.

We Part as Friends

When on this ground we once do say farewell, / Alone, far-flung, we’ll tread a thousand miles.

Crystal stream from verdant mount

Translation of a famous sijo from Chosun-era poet Hwang Jinyi

Writing year in review: My 2022 writing habit on Emacs

What is most meaningful to me about my writing habit is that the dream of writing this story is no longer a dream, but my waking reality.

Object storage on Mastodon with a Backblaze B2 bucket

Here’s how I set up a Backblaze B2 bucket with a local proxy for Mastodon object storage.

How NaNoWriMo Broke me, and What I Learned from the Experience

I crashed and burned on overachieving NaNoWriMo, but learned some valuable lessons from the experience.

The Ballad of Mulan

The long, grim cloak of war do I cast off / The skirt of girlhood I put on with love.

The Heroine of the Game Carto Is Nonspeaking (and It's Totally Cool)

The heroine of the indie game Carto is a nonspeaking girl, and it’s neither tragic nor remarkable.

Resolving Arch Linux 404 and Dependency Errors

Update the package database and manually resolve dependencies.