Resolving Arch Linux 404 and Dependency Errors

Update the package database and manually resolve dependencies.

Laughing Alone (獨笑)

This is but how the world goes all the time / Alone I laugh, and none do understand!

Is "Narcissistic Abuse" a useful term?

‘Narcissistic abuse’ as a term is extremely stigmatizing to people with NPD while its utility to survivors seems limited.

July 10, 2021 · 

No True Dragon (非眞龍)

The dragon that can be penned in is no true dragon.

Wind Blows Through the Bamboo Sparse (風來疎竹)

Though wind blows through the bamboo sparse / When it has passed the wood does not the sound retain.

How I Got into Emacs

The true gift of Emacs may be the ability to make it your own in every sense.

Mu4e Error in Process Sentinel: Mu Server Process Ended with Exit 1

Shutting down mu server turned out to be effective when mu4e wouldn’t start.

Troubleshooting "Unmanaged Device" Network Connection Error

Here’s how I solved it when there was an unmanaged device error with NetworkManager and systemd.

Honking Osprey (關雎)

The honking osprey rests upon / The islands of the River great / The lady of good bearing is / The man of virtue’s perfect mate.

The Feminist Pansori

Pansori, a musical form born in openly misogynistic 17th-century Korea, recognizes and celebrates the humanity and worth of women in culturally and historically specific ways.